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The purpose of this blog is to keep me accountable. I set out with some members of my church to read through the entire New Testament this year. Not to just read through it but to learn more about God and to grow closer to him through the process. To me it doesn’t matter if this is read by anyone, as long as it helps me to stay in God’s word I will count it as a win.

I will be following Foundations by Robby and Kandi Gallaty. It is perfectly laid out to help someone follow through the New Testament in one year. In this blog I will be using the H.E.A.R format, which stands for highlight, explain, apply, and respond. This will ensure that I do not just skim over scripture but that I will meditate on it.

Now to introduce myself.

God has done profound things in my life. I have grown up in an amazing and loving family that always help me grow towards God. I have been blessed beyond all measures. Last year I left a job that was draining me emotionally and spiritually for a job that I love. The people I work with are amazing and they truly love God. Being in an environment where people express their love for God is truly a blessing and it helps my walk with Christ everyday.

On top of the new job, I got married to the woman of my dreams. She’s an amazing Godly woman that helps me stay accountable and is wise beyond her years. Did I mention she’s gorgeous? Loves Jesus and is beautiful, total package.

Anyways, 2018 was an amazing year for me and God did things for me that I couldn’t be more happy about. That is why I am doing this, because God has done so much for me that I want to delve deeper and understand him better.

-Ryan Mathis

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